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I’m Goldie, a singer-songwriter who first found her voice in the church choir growing up in North Carolina. As a pisces, I’ve always been a dreamer. I spent so much of my childhood wanting something more or something else. Sometimes it was to be a great opera star touring Europe. Sometimes it was to be the creative director of the next great fashion house or to be a model. Other times it was just to find love and more importantly myself. 

I went running around the country and the world to try and find that something. I tried my hand at fashion, at classical music, at the ball scene, in nightlife, in academia, at trying to fit in, at trying to make myself be what everyone else thought I should be. But every time I ended up right back where I was, unhappy with myself. It wasn’t till I was 25, that I finally stopped running and faced what I’d known deep down but never articulated—I am a transwoman. 

That is what my first album is about. It’s about the weight of tradition and expectations of the world and finally realizing I could only ever be myself. The Debutante is a celebration of coming into my womanhood and into my transness with all the lessons I learned along the way. It’s about falling in love and getting your heart broken. It’s about growing up and realizing that sometimes being yourself means disappointing those you love. But mostly it’s about embracing yourself and realizing that sometimes growing up means loving every part of the journey that got you exactly where you are right now. Because right now you’re standing tall in your own skin and, hell, you look pretty fabulous too. x 

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